10 Benefits of a Computer Enclosure Over Industrial Computers

10 Benefits of a Computer Enclosure Over Industrial Computers

High demand for computing in industry. Industrial machines have to overcome many hostile elements while also providing reliable computing. Traditional industrial computers are bespoke specialty machines. These Industrial computers tend to run older versions of hardware and software. While this has the advantage of making machines stable and reliable, outdated technology may mean that machine-controlled processes are not carried out efficiently.

These machines are also very expensive, not only to buy but also to maintain. Industrial computers must be maintained by service technicians, often forcing production lines to close, they also have to be replaced periodically as hardware and software will eventually become obsolete. All computers fail eventually, but industrial computer covers mean that more than three generations of computers can use the same covers.

Industrial PC covers are a more efficient, affordable, and reliable alternative to this expensive machine. The main benefits of industrial computer enclosures are:

  1. Withstands the same environment as industrial computers, be it dust (including explosive atmospheres), dirt, dust, oil, grease, and water (even completely flushed). The enclosure is rated using a European IP rating which provides a clear indication of the type of environment in which it can operate, e.g. IP 65 protects total dust while protecting against strong jets of water, (first digit, 6, representing second digit, 5, water dust protection) while the IP 66 offers the same dust protection, the enclosure has the advantage of being completely submerged in water.
  2. The cover can also withstand the same shock, vibration, and disturbance as the cover can be made of tough material and the enclosed PC can be snugly attached and secured with shock-absorbing bolts. The enclosure can also be securely locked and bolted to the floor or wall to protect against theft.
  3. For computing in extreme temperatures, computer covers can perform to a better standard than industrial machines because additional cooling and heating units can be replaced if they are not working as efficiently as they should (closed industrial computers that are also running hot or cold need to be replaced or returned for storage. enhancement).
  4. A computer enclosure can allow a PC to work equally reliably with an industrial computer as a desktop PC housed in the enclosure can be any conventional machine, from trusted office workhorse to a singing all-round PC, all-dancing off the PC shelf.
  5. Computers that are housed in enclosures are also considerably cheaper than industrial computers. Despite the initial outlay for bespoke industrial computers, covers can run industrial machines for over a decade as industrial computers will eventually experience internal failure (like all computers) or become completely obsolete and need to be replaced. However, the covers can be reused to accommodate other engines and will generally accommodate three engine generations.
  6. A computer cover can accommodate monitors, printers, touch screens, and all kinds of computing equipment (including peripherals such as mice and keyboards) or can be combined with a water/dust sealed keyboard and mouse.
  7. Because the enclosure houses conventional PCs, any repair or upgrade can be done in-house in minutes instead of having to wait for a technician and have to stop production.
  8. The cover can be made from a variety of materials including food-grade stainless steel.
  9. The cover can be locked and secured to the wall or floor to prevent theft or tampering.
  10. The enclosure allows you to choose which software or hardware to run within the enclosure rather than experiencing outdated technology.

With the highly varied and extreme demands of industrial computing, industrial PC cases offer flexibility even conventional industrial computers cannot match, while also offering the same protection and reliability at a fraction of the cost. PC covers are ideal for even the most hostile industrial environments and while specialist PCs will always be required for certain tasks, most industrial computer use can be achieved using conventional PCs housed in industrial PC enclosures.