10 Great Ways to Use Barcodes

Barcode technology is not only suitable for large manufacturing operations and large retail stores. Barcode technology can benefit almost any business because barcode technology is a simple way to connect real objects and people through computer data. In any situation where things need to be tracked or easily identified, barcodes can save time, money, and frustration. You can learn more about Barcode online at legalbarcode.com. Let’s take a look at 10 ways that even small businesses can benefit from barcode technology:

Point of sale

Scanning the barcode on the product at the time of purchase can reduce human errors in identifying the product and charging the correct price. Shoplifters cannot switch price tags, nor can they buy expensive goods at lower prices. Price changes are also easier. Just change the price tag on the shelf and enter the new price in the computer-no need to change the price tag on each device.

Inventory control

Know exactly how much you have in stock and what you don’t have. Before it runs out, you will receive a notification that the product is out of stock. Place an order before it runs out to reduce rain checks or downtime during manufacturing.

Document tracking

No more losing files or wasting time searching for files. Determine exactly where the file is stored or where it was last viewed. Know exactly who viewed the file and when the file was last viewed. Record the instructions for re-archiving after use and verify the correct return of the file to its storage location.

Storage cataloging

Know exactly where you placed what. Move obsolete or slow-moving items away into deep storage without losing the risk of tracking their location. Barcode items and shelves, and record the location in the database. Don’t waste time searching for things or spending money on replacement items or inventory because you can’t find them.

Identify the contents of the container

Put barcodes on boxes, crates, and barrels, and accurately track the contents of each container. Easily identify each container, its contents, where you have been, and where you should go.

Order picking and packaging

Improve order accuracy and reduce fulfillment time. Place the barcode on the product, inventory location, and packing list to ensure that the correct product is picked. Packers can verify the accuracy of the order before packing and shipping.

Manage customer information

Use barcodes to identify files, items, items, etc., and instantly know which client they are for. Connect these barcodes to databases and electronic information for easy reference.

Patient identification

Link documents, prescriptions, X-rays, and other data with the correct patient. Reduce errors in drug delivery, diagnosis, and treatment. Place barcodes on identification bracelets, hard copy documents, X-ray film, and prescription containers used for patients to connect them to computerized patient records.

Time tracking

Use ID tags with barcodes to track employees’ working hours and off-hours. Scan the ticket barcode and enter the time spent on the project to easily track billable time.

Retail memberships and coupons

Barcode membership cards can easily track customer buying trends, customize quotations, and track the effectiveness of promotions. Put barcodes in coupons to capture detailed information about marketing campaigns.

If your business can benefit from using barcode technology, an easy way to get started is to use software that allows you to use a laser printer or inkjet printer to generate barcodes and print them on standard labels. Legalbarcode is a full-featured software that can do this and operate at a price that businesses of any size can afford. The interface is designed to be easy to use for business owners and managers, so IT professionals are not required.