Day: June 17, 2021

SQL Database Recovery Solution!

SQL Database Recovery Solution!

SQL Database Recovery Solution!

Poor unstructured data storage and management procedures, before SQL Server release.

Earlier Approaches of Storing Unstructured Data

Before the release of SQL, there were two approaches to storing unstructured data. One strategy was of storing data in a VARBINARY or IMAGE column. This had transactional consistency and additionally reduced data managing complexities, however, it was performance-wise. The different approach was to keep unstructured data as disk files and to keep the file location in the table alongside some structured data linked to it. This approach was once good in terms of SQL performance, however, did not ensure transactional consistency.

FILESTREAM Feature – Efficient Storage of Unstructured Data

FILESTREAM function was introduced with SQL Server for storing and managing unstructured facts efficiently. This feature allows storing BLOB records (like word documents, music files, photograph files, videos, etc) in the NTFS file system. It ensures transactional consistency between the unstructured data … Read the rest

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