5 Useful Marine Electronics For Navigation

5 Useful Marine Electronics For Navigation

For safe and comfortable sea journeys, it is recommended that one has all the essential marine electronics required. These may include types of equipment for power, navigation, communication, and entertainment purpose.

In the case of navigation, there are many useful boat electronics that help in ensuring safe voyages across the sea. Some of these are extremely important for a safe journey. Autopilot controls and GPS plotter are must-haves. Though, radar and satellite weather systems are also important.

5 useful boat electronics are listed below:


The Global Positioning System is a space-based global navigation satellite system. It relays information to GPS receivers irrespective of weather conditions. The GPS receiver receives time and location information at any time. For marine environments, GPS is used in collaboration with other marine electronics for navigational purposes and directional use on sea.


It is another important marine device that is used with GPS. It helps in integrating the data from GPS and plotting it on Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC). They also work in tandem with other navigation electronics like Automatic Information Systems and Radar systems. It is also useful in displaying important information like the direction of the ship, the location of the ship, and its speed.


It is a device that helps in running vehicles, ships, boats, and aircraft on an automatic pilot system without any manual help needed. In marine environments, boats and yachts may require autopilots, especially on straight routes to help sailors and shipmen unwind.

Satellite Weather System 

There are satellite-based weather systems that offer downlinking of weather information using satellite weather receiving systems. This is very helpful in sea travel and sea travel to avoid bad weather conditions in the middle of a trip.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) 

This is another important marine system for navigation purposes. It translates information about your boat and its whereabouts to other vessels and any location specifications to your ship.

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