Creating a Webinar in 4 Simple Steps!

Creating a Webinar in 4 Simple Steps!

Webinars are one of the most powerful communication platforms ever created. Consider creating your own webinar and presenting your ideas, products, or services to hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of people all at once! You are only a few simple steps away from achieving peak communication efficiency!

Step 1: Create a webinar presentation that encourages participants to take action.

Every webinar, whether you’re using it to sell condominiums or to convince them you’re the greatest dentist in town, should have a “call to action. Whether the call to action is “visit my website and purchase my product” or “call and schedule an appointment,” the objective of every webinar is to get the webinar audience to DO SOMETHING! This is an important fact that you should never lose sight of.

Create a webinar power point presentation that entertains, informs, and ends with a clear call to action. What precisely are you requesting of them? Then, at the end of your webinar, tell them exactly what to do and how to accomplish it! This is the first guideline for developing a webinar.

Step 2: Choose a webinar hosting provider.

Select a webinar hosting business that meets both your needs and your budget. There is a lot to pick from. If you expect fewer than 1,000 attendees and plan to hold numerous webinars each year, I recommend

Step 3: Make a plan for your webinar.

After you’ve decided on a webinar host, you’ll need to know how to set up your webinar. The webinar host will have a setup page where you may enter the title, description, date, and time of the webinar. It will also request that you set up any polls or surveys.

Polls are a terrific way to get your participants to connect with you. A suitable poll question would be, “What is preventing you from succeeding in (your topic)? ” You would provide them with four obstacles and allow them to choose the one that meant the most to them.

This is a terrific way to encourage your guests to admit they have a difficult problem. And showing the poll results live on the webinar is wonderful social proof that they are not alone and that many others are struggling with the same issue. They are also in a better position to ask for assistance because they have purchased your items or services!

The exit survey is another useful tool when planning your webinar. Inquire if they appreciated the webinar and what their main takeaway was from it. If you want to get quick reviews for your webinar replay or even your next one, this is a great way to do it.

In addition, inquire whether they would recommend your product or service to their friends and family. If they say “yes,” pick up the phone and call them after the webinar since they have indicated that they are a hot prospect who deserves a phone call!

Step 4: Launch your registration website.

You must invite your attendees after you have set up your webinar. You can either utilize the basic registration page provided by the webinar hosting business or construct your own. I’d like to design my own so that I may have complete control over the appearance and feel of the registration page. This also allows me to stand apart from the crowd of webinars out there.

One million dollar tip: request complete contact information on your registration page. That way, you may remind them with an automated phone message shortly before the webinar (they would appreciate it!). If you know their mailing address, you can follow up with postcards or sales material after the webinar.

You can even go sophisticated and make a special offer to people who did not buy the first time!

Using these steps will help you create your first successful webinar. Best wishes!