Hand Sanitizers, It’s Time For You To Take Your Place In The World

Hand Sanitizers, It’s Time For You To Take Your Place In The World

Remember when hand sanitizers first came on the market a few years ago? Everyone thought they were such a great thing to buy (the best thing since the proverbial “sliced bread”). People were captivated by the fact that they could kill 99.9% of germs on their hands in 15 seconds or less. This is a truly amazing thing about Hand sanitizer market size.

A thoroughbred racehorse, the favorite in the race, is like a poor hand sanitizer. The horse charges out of the starting gate but fades a lot in the last few hundred yards. As soon as I bought my new skinny jeans, I thought they were going to be great. What do I think happened? Here’s my take on what happened and why I think it’s time for hand sanitizer to get its due.

The first-hand sanitizer that was on the market was a gel, and it had alcohol in it. It still has alcohol in it, and it still is. Study after study kept coming out showing that alcohol-based hand sanitizers were bad for your hands. This is why you should not drink alcoholic beverages. They dry out your skin and crack it, leaving places where germs can get stuck. Study after study shows that the more you use them, the less useful they become.

A lot of people also said that we shouldn’t use hand sanitizers because they weaken our resistance and make it harder for us to fight off germs. They told us that if we used hand sanitizers all the time, we would become weak and not be able to fight off bad germs.

Many people have heard this line before: “We need bacteria because it helps us and makes us stronger.” “Phooey!” is what I say when I hear this. Some bacteria can make us sick. Let’s be clear about that.

Let’s not forget the people who are afraid of germs, either. When we thought about hand sanitizers, we thought of people who were crazy about germs and kept pumping hand sanitizer into their pale hands over and over again. Not a good sight.

Well, it’s time for someone to speak up and help hand sanitizers get back on their feet. Time to clear up all the myths, open our hearts and minds, and put hand sanitizers back where they belong in society. It’s quite a bold move, aren’t you? Let me make my case.

A lot of what people say about alcohol-based hand sanitizers is true. I’m not saying we should use them, but I don’t think we should use them. A very different kind of hand sanitizer is alcohol-free; it doesn’t have any alcohol in it, so it’s not the same thing.

Here’s the deal: Because 80 percent of germs are spread by hands, an alcohol-free hand sanitizer is the best choice because hand washing isn’t always possible. Imagine having an invisible barrier around you all the time to protect you from germs. As for me, I’d love to have my bodyguard fight off bad germs all the time.

Hand sanitizer that doesn’t have alcohol in it is gentle and safe for the whole family. It’s not toxic or flammable, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your hands. People in the medical field have used Benzalkonium Chloride for more than 40 years. It’s been approved for safety and effectiveness in a lot of antiseptic applications, including skincare. It’s also used a lot as a preservative in cosmetics and a lot of over-the-counter products, like infant nasal sprays. It takes less than 15 seconds to kill 99.9% of the germs on your hands with these alcohol-free hand sanitizers. Salmonella, Norwalk virus, E. coli, the SARS virus, the Avian flu, and more are all caused by nasty germs.

The best thing to do when you can’t wash your hands is to use alcohol-free hand sanitizers. These sprays are small enough that you can put them in your purse, briefcase, backpack, computer bag, or pocket, and they can also be used to clean your clothes. One way to do this is to take one with you when you go to the store, fly, drive, or ride the subway. Always have one on hand. Keep one at your desk, in your home, or your locker at school, and always have one with you. Hand sanitizers free of alcohol can keep you and your family from getting sick.

I’m not saying you should pump all the time, but I think it’s time for alcohol-free hand sanitizer to get its due. Stop the injustice and the spread of germs by getting an alcohol-free hand sanitizer today. You’ll stay healthy and happy! Your family, your friends, and yourself deserve it.

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