Helpful Tips When Moving Offices

Ideally, you should order all new office equipment and furniture at least two months in advance of the move date. This will help you coordinate the delivery of your new items and avoid having to spend twice the amount of money on shipping them. It is also helpful to coordinate with your suppliers to ensure that everything is delivered on time before the move date.

Move on the Weekends

The advantages of moving offices on the weekend are many. First, you won’t disturb your staff’s schedules eating up their productivity. Second, you won’t can minimize downtime for when staff are connecting to the office servers. You will however, need to assemble a skeleton staff that can be part of the moving team who will have to schedule some work time on the weekend however. This is so they can facilitate a smooth transition of the move and make sure that all phones, internet, servers and utilities are up and ready for Monday to ensure a smooth transition and productive day on Monday.

Last, you can avoid the costs of last-minute office removalists. They can be booked out months in advance and can be expensive if you need an urgent service. To avoid these prices, office removalists Sydney are always in high demand and if you are moving offices within Sydney, it is best to book well in advance to avoid paying more.

Assign a Move Manager

When you’re moving offices, it’s important to assign someone to coordinate and manage all moving-related tasks. Ideally, the person should be highly organized with excellent communication skills. In addition, he or she should have experience with budgeting. Creating a budget is crucial as the cost of moving the headquarters of a company can be hefty. Make sure to factor in all possible expenses.

Before the actual move, it’s important to plan everything out in detail, from hiring a professional tradies to decorating the office space. If you’re moving to a new office building, you’ll also need to coordinate with building management. In some cases, special access is required.

Document process for staff

When moving offices, it’s important to document the process for employees. It will help them be aware of the changes and give them time to prepare and arrange travel. Include key information about the move and contact information for the moving company. This is also a good time to communicate the news with other external stakeholders.

Create a destination map of the new office space. The map will help you identify problems that may arise after the move. Also, it is important to take into account the input of your team when designing the new office layout. With any move, it is stressful, but moving into a new space also brings excitement. Keep your staff excited about their move and if possible get them to pick once each team has their allocated designated space.

Asset Management

Asset Management is an integral part of moving offices. Without proper management of assets, a move can prove to be costly and resource consuming. Instead of manually keeping track of assets, a move management software will help everyone involved know exactly what is going on and when. It will also help replace conflicting spreadsheets with a centralized database.

Asset management is a strategic approach to the management of physical and intangible assets. It encompasses all aspects of ownership, costs, risks, performance attributes, and governance. Asset management is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular in the business world, from corporate real estate to public infrastructure. Without an asset management tool, it can be hard to keep track of all the business assets during the move.

Moving Servers

When moving servers, you should always use a professional company. This will help you avoid possible problems. Make sure you use an air-cushioned van and know how to hook up power and cooling systems. Also, make sure you take independent visual checks to ensure that no cables are loose or cooling paths are blocked. If possible, use automated configuration management software to reduce the time spent setting up and unhooking servers.

If your company has several server rooms, you will want to make sure that the data is backed up before the move. If you are moving servers containing sensitive information, you may even want to perform a backup before the move. Also, make sure your servers are well labeled. This will make the unpacking process easier, and will minimize the risk of errors. You should also use specialized packing materials for servers, including foam padding and custom boxes.

In any case, moving offices can be a large project for a sizeable company and Christchurch movers suggests getting a few office relocation tenders a month or two prior to the move will give you a fantastic comparison on services and how it will fit into your office relocation budget.